“A Feline’s Journey: From Tiny to Plump, the Story of Finding Sanctuary and Beyond”

Rainbow as a kitten, and now (Picture: Wales News Service)

Rainbow, a skinny stray kitten who was only 460g in weight, was rescued by the Cats Protection Adoption Centre in Bridgend. The staff at the sanctuary provided her with the necessary care and attention to help her gain weight and become healthy before finding her a new home. Unfortunately, Rainbow was brought back three years later as an overweight cat, weighing a massive 12.7kg, which is three times more than the average size of a healthy cat. Although having plump felines can be adorable, Rainbow’s excess feeding had nearly caused her demise. Her enormous size posed a life-threatening risk, and thus she has been returned to the adoption centre. Sue Dobbs, the manager, expressed her amazement at Rainbow’s current state.

Rainbow as a tiny kitten

As Tiny Rainbow bid farewell to the Cats Protection Centre, a lovely snapshot was taken by the Wales News Service in partnership with Cats Protection.

Fat cat Rainbow on her return to the sanctuary

The article is about a feline named Rainbow who was brought back to a cat rescue center three years after being adopted due to her owners’ difficulty in managing her weight. When Rainbow returned to the shelter, the staff was taken aback by how much heavier she had become since they first took her in as a fragile kitten. Unfortunately, her weight gain had put excessive pressure on her joints and organs, which made it difficult for her to move or even play. Rainbow’s condition was heartbreaking to see, as she was also infested with fleas, had red and crusty eyes, fur loss, urine burns, and inflamed skin.

Fat cat Rainbow on her return to the sanctuary - from above, her body ballooning out as she lies down

According to a report by Cats Protection/Wales News Service, a cat named Chonky Rainbow was discovered to be weighing three times more than a healthy cat. Sue, the cat’s caretaker, noted that Rainbow was experiencing discomfort, itching, and uncleanliness. Additionally, she mentioned that Rainbow was unable to engage in natural activities like playing, running, hunting, or hiding, which may have caused her to feel depressed and afraid. Despite being on a specific diet regimen upon arrival at the center, Rainbow’s condition was exacerbated by overfeeding and excessive treats. The cat’s caretakers had been too kind to Rainbow, slowly leading to her demise. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a balance between food intake and exercise for cats, as excessive treats or large portions with minimal activity can result in serious consequences.

Fat cat Rainbow on her return to the sanctuary - from above, looking up to camera

In a photograph shared by Cats Protection/Wales News Service, Rainbow the cat appeared unable to care for herself and exhibit natural behaviors. However, the sanctuary came to her aid by implementing a special diet that has helped her lose almost 5kg and start her journey towards recovery. Dr Sarah Elliott, Cats Protection’s Central Veterinary Officer, cautioned that cat owners may be tempted to overfeed their pets as a form of love or to treat them like family members. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to overweight cats being vulnerable to joint problems, diabetes, and urinary infections. The hope is that Rainbow will soon reach a healthy weight and find a forever home.

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