“A Heartbreaking Sight: A Starving Stray Dog, Too Weak to Stand or Walk”

Upon arriving at a cat and dog rescue facility in Granada, Spain, Barilla, the canine, was severely emaciated, with several internal organs functioning poorly. Additionally, her muscles were feeble, and she lost her ability to walk, leaving her paralyzed in one area.

The team at the facility was extremely concerned about Barilla’s well-being as she was severely underweight, weighing only 7.2kg. Unfortunately, even if she had arrived just one day later, it would have been too late to save her. Due to her weak condition, the staff had to provide Barilla with support to help her build up muscle, and they made sure she was hydrated for six hours before introducing more substantial nutrition. Barilla had scratches on all four of her legs from crawling on the ground, and although she managed to stand up and hydrate herself, it was a brief reprieve.

Barilla has put on 4 kilograms thanks to the diligent care and therapy she received for a week. However, she still struggles with standing or walking for extended periods of time and is prone to falling. Although it took her another 6 weeks to begin eating normally again, Barilla was soon able to run and jump like any other sprightly pooch. The staff who tended to her were greatly touched by her unwavering devotion to recovery.

Eduardo Rodriguez, the owner of the shelter, fell in love with Barilla at first sight and decided to adopt her. Now, Barilla lives in Rodriguez’s house on the outskirts of Granada with his wife, 14-year-old daughter, and five other dogs. For months, Barilla had lived on the streets, but now she finally has a home to call her own.

According to Anh Rodriguez, he recently adopted a dog after experiencing a tragic incident where one of his dogs passed away in an accident five years ago. He shared how impressed he was with the dog’s determination to live, and how he felt an immediate connection with her upon their first meeting.

Right from the start, Anh Rodriguez and Barilla had a deep connection and were dedicated to one another. Barilla’s progress has been impressive, as she has been eating 5-6 meals every day and putting on 1kg of weight per day since the fourth day of her rescue. At present, Barilla weighs 20.8 kg and has made a remarkable recovery, being almost completely healed.

The residents of the area stumbled upon Barilla and immediately contacted the authorities and a rescue center for assistance. The poor dog was only around ten months old when she was saved from her dire situation. At present, the police are conducting an investigation to determine the person responsible for putting the canine in such a dreadful state.

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