A Mother Dog’s Unwavering Love: Tenderly Burying Her Deceased Puppy and Refusing to Leave Until the Task is Done.

Losing a child is a heartbreaking experience, and it’s no different for mothers in the animal kingdom. They are just as protective as human women. Bettie, a dog, recently experienced such a tragedy when one of her puppies passed away. She tried tirelessly to revive him but eventually had to accept that it was time to say goodbye. Her owner witnessed Bettie taking matters into her own paws and burying her little one’s body. This emotional moment was captured on video and serves as a reminder of the love and devotion that animals have for their offspring.

In September 2020, a video was released showing Lenny Rose Ellema burying her beloved four-year-old dog, Bettie. The heart-wrenching footage shows Ellema digging a trench and covering Bettie’s entire body as she lay dying.

The article from Diario Sevilla highlights a touching story about Rose, a dog from Pangasinan province in the Philippines. Rose recently lost one of her puppies, and her maternal instincts kicked in as she tried to revive him. This isn’t the first time Rose has gone through this experience, as she previously lost another puppy during birth. Her dedication to caring for her offspring is truly heartwarming.

According to him, the dog’s behavior was unique as her owners did not train her to act that way. She instinctively guarded and mourned for her owner’s child, Bettie. The dog’s devotion was evident as she was seen pouring dirt into the child’s grave and continued to protect him even after his passing.

The action of sheltering and providing a sacred burial for a loved one can be seen as both poignant and distressing. It seems that certain individuals may do this instinctually, in an effort to protect the deceased from potential threats such as predators, which could ultimately harm the entire group.

It’s heart-wrenching to watch the viral clip of a mother dog burying her beloved offspring with over 14k views. However, there is some relief in knowing that the dog appeared to be doing well in later footage shared by the same user.

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