Find Your New Furry Friend: Adorable Bengal Cats Looking for Loving Homes this Festive Season.

These adorable cats are searching for a forever home where they can be cherished and cared for.

Looking to brighten up your home with a new furry companion this holiday season? The Bengal Cat Association has launched an appeal to find loving homes for eight gorgeous Bengal cats by Christmas. Their Facebook post has received an overwhelming response and they hope to recreate the same level of interest as their previous appeal in September. These cats are located all over the UK, and the association is specifically seeking help from Cheshire residents to find these cats their forever homes. If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, why not consider giving one of these sweet Bengals a loving home? Meet Bosley and other cats in need of love below.

Are you on the lookout for a playful and affectionate cat to join your family? Meet the charming Bosley, a three-year-old Bengal male with a spotted tabby color, based in Kent. Despite not being neutered, Bosley is a healthy and lively cat, albeit he has contracted FIV. But don’t worry – he can still lead a happy and normal life. Bosley adores the outdoors and exploring, so he’s not suited for an indoor home. Instead, he needs a safe environment such as a cat-proof garden or ample land where he can roam around without running into other cats. With their high intellect and vocal nature, Bengals are known for their curious and mischievous behavior. Bosley is no different. He can open doors and windows, turn on taps, and investigate anything that catches his interest. When bored, he can get rough during playtime, so he will require a family that understands his boisterous character. Bosley is better suited for a home with older children who can keep up with his energy and strength. He also does well with other FIV positive cats or as the only pet in the household. In summary, Bosley is looking for a loving forever home with someone who can give him plenty of attention, affection, and a cozy bed to sleep in. He’s muscular and robust but not aggressive at all. Once outside, he’ll have ample space to run around and won’t be too dependent on his human companions. All in all, Bosley is an endearing cat who will bring joy, energy, and a bit of mischief into your life.

Mika is an adorable snow spotted male Bengal cat who is currently looking for his forever home in Kent. This charming feline has been neutered, microchipped, and is up to date with his vaccinations. Mika is a very affectionate cat who loves to snuggle up with his humans and give them plenty of leg rubs and chat away. While he doesn’t have any medical issues, he can sometimes become aggressive in a playful manner and needs plenty of stimulation. Unfortunately, he has recently started stalking and attacking the owner’s one-year-old child. The owner is willing to discuss this behavior with any potential new owners. Mika would be happiest as the only pet in the household and requires access to a secure outdoor area where he can explore to his heart’s content. If you feel that you could offer Mika the perfect home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for a furry companion to foster for a while? Meet Micha, a lovely snow spotted spayed female Bengal. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Micha’s owner needs to move in with her ill son during treatment and can’t take Micha along. As a result, Micha is in need of a temporary foster home until she can reunite with her loving owner. Despite being an indoor cat, Micha enjoys taking walks around the garden, is healthy, playful, and affectionate. Even though she has a sensitive stomach, she has no behavioral problems and only eats Purina Sensitive. Micha would be best suited for an older person or couple without children or other pets. Her owner will cover all expenses related to her care and veterinarian visits. Offer Micha a warm and welcoming temporary home, and she’ll bring love and joy into your life!

Phizz and Mowgli, two tabby-colored cats aged eight years old, are on the hunt for a new loving home to spend the rest of their lives in. They are currently situated in Kent and share an unbreakable bond with each other. Unfortunately, as former breeding cats, they were not shown any love or socialization and were then sold to a family who struggled to manage their fear of children. Despite making significant strides in their confidence over a two-year period, their owner decided it was best to rehome them. Although Phizz and Mowgli are affectionate and loving, they will likely always experience anxiety and stress due to their difficult start in life. Presently, Mowgli is urinating inside the house, possibly due to the introduction of another cat in his territory. To address this problem, it may be best to provide them with their own room from the outset and keep them there overnight. They require patient and gentle owners who can handle their unpredictable behavior and invest time in gaining their trust. Once they feel comfortable in their new surroundings, Phizz and Mowgli will likely enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

Meet Tizzy, an adorable brown spotted Bengal cat who is currently looking for a forever home due to her owner’s relocation abroad. At the age of 13, Tizzy is already neutered and microchipped, although she hasn’t received any vaccinations this year. She’s not much of an outdoor cat, except for occasional garden strolls while her owner does the laundry. While Tizzy is in good health, she does get anxious when other cats invade her space, so she would be happier in a peaceful household without younger children or pets. Tizzy’s current owners are seeking a new, loving home for her rather than taking her overseas and jeopardizing her well-being.

Introducing Saffy – a spayed and microchipped Bengal cross who is nine years old. She may have been the runt of her litter, but don’t be fooled by her small size! Saffy has a feisty personality and craves attention from her owners. She loves to climb high and has no qualms about invading their personal space.

Saffy was fully litter trained until a new baby arrived in her previous home, causing stress that led to inappropriate peeing around the house. However, her owners believe that with a stable routine and no young children around, this behavior will disappear.

Currently living with another cat, Saffy can be quite dominant. Although she’s never been exposed to dogs, her outgoing nature suggests she may be okay with cat-friendly canines. While she loves being outdoors, she’s not very cautious around other cats, cars, or people and should only be allowed outside in safe rural areas.

In summary, Saffy is a lovable feline with lots of character, looking for a forever home with a solid routine and without the stresses of young children or other dominant cats.

Meet Rana, a lovely female cat who has been spayed and microchipped. Although her previous owners believe she may be a Bengal cross, they do not have any paperwork to support this claim. Nonetheless, they describe Rana as a stunning feline with many endearing qualities. At the age of ten, Rana tends to prefer having her own space, and she struggled to cope after a baby arrived in her previous home. But despite this, Rana has no behavior issues and is generally content drinking from taps and receiving occasional cuddles. She currently lives with another assertive cat, but her previous owner suggests that a single-pet household without young children may be the best fit for her. Rana takes time to warm up to new people, so she may initially seem cautious and hide away. Additionally, she can become stressed when faced with changes in her environment, which may affect her appetite and drinking habits. Therefore, it is essential to provide Rana with a patient and compassionate home that understands her needs.

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