“Forgotten and Neglected: The Tragic Tale of an Abused Bait Dog Left to Suffer Alone”

Slapdash Delivery of St. Louis received a surprising phone call from someone near a hedge who reported a dog that was chained up and in need of rescuing. Despite being taken aback by the news, the rescuers made their way to the location and were able to free the canine, which could have easily been used as bait for nefarious purposes.

The poor dog had ingested a large amount of something that caused his mouth, face, and legs to swell. His face was so swollen that he couldn’t even open his eyes. He had become infected after leaving the untreated wound unclothed for several weeks. Sadly, he was chained up and left to die. Fortunately, rescuers brought the dog to their facility where he was placed on an IV and given antibiotics for months. The caretaker was summoned to assist around the clock.

Marco, the dog, proved to be a fighter. Despite the long road to rehabilitation, he persevered and successfully made it through. Even after everything, he still shows love, relies on humans, and seeks affection from people.

He currently resides in a caring family with many other canine siblings, whom he enjoys playing with. His days of dog-fighting are a distant memory, and while his scars will always remain, his past does not define him.

Currently, he spends his days snuggling on the couch with his new family or running around with the other kids in his spacious neighborhood.

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