“From Neglect to Love: The Heartwarming Journey of an Elderly Shelter Dog”

Numerous senior dogs require rescuing, and the Frosted Faces Foundation based in California is committed to assisting as many as they can. The kennel manager, Alicia Anthony, acknowledges that the co-founders, Kelly and Andy, receive requests for assistance on a regular basis. However, she couldn’t help but request assistance for an old Chihuahua that urgently required medical attention.

On Facebook, she stumbled upon a post featuring a 14-year-old Chihuahua named Gerkin, who stole her heart with his adorable face. Alicia reminisces about the moment when she first laid eyes on Gerkin after agreeing to help him, and how she couldn’t contain her excitement upon seeing him. She even called out to her friend Kelly to come and witness the cuteness that had just entered the lobby. Alicia knew right then and there that Gerkin would soon be joining her at home.

The image posted on Facebook by the Frosted Faces Foundation showed a dog that had a bad cough. The dog was examined by Rachel, one of the rescue’s vet techs, who consulted with the medical team. According to Rachel, the dog had a collapsing trachea and an upper respiratory infection. He was hospitalized and given IV fluids and medications. The dog, named Gerkin, was hospitalized for a week before Alicia took him home for the weekend. Alicia administered his fluids and meds and gave him a quiet place to rest. However, Gerkin’s cough persisted, making it hard for him to rest. On Monday morning, he was taken back to Frosted Faces and was hospitalized again.

The canine in the photo, who belonged to the Frosted Faces Foundation, had some good days where he would roam around the office and entertain staff by barking at his own reflection. However, his health took a turn for the worse, and he stopped eating, indicating that his prognosis was not good. Alicia, who spent a lot of time with Gerkin, the dog, asked if she could take him home when she heard the sad news. After taking Gerkin home, she wrapped him up in a blanket, held him in her lap, and they both slept.

The following day, they returned to the rescue center and unfortunately, there was still no sign of improvement. It was time to bid farewell to the poor creature. When her shift ended, she took him outside and held him in her arms while watching the sun setting. They had already decided earlier that euthanasia would be the kindest option. During the last moments of his life, she showered him with love, hugged him, talked to him, and kissed him. Kelly, Andy, Maira, Diana, Michelle, and Dr. Russell also came out to say goodbye, while she cried and shed tears over the loss. The dog left this world feeling loved, and she believes that he is now happily playing with other dogs on the rainbow bridge without any coughing.

The Frosted Faces Foundation recently posted a heartwarming tribute to a little dog named Gerkin who had just passed away. Although he wasn’t in their care for very long, he left a lasting impression on everyone who met him. In a touching message posted on the rescue’s Facebook page, a member of the team thanked everyone who had worked hard to help Gerkin and expressed gratitude to his previous owner, Kelly, for bringing him into their lives. The post ended with a loving tribute to the sweet little pup: “Two weeks with him was not enough, and I wish he’d come to us sooner. I love you my sweet Gerkin.”

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