From Ugly Duckling to Happy Hound: The Heartwarming Story of One Unforgettable Canine

Every animal is adorable in their own distinct way, possessing unique qualities that set them apart from others. Meet Newt, a little canine who sports a grumpy expression resembling that of an elderly person. This characteristic feature is attributed to a massive scar on his face, which he received from his mother during birth. As a result, he lost the entire top portion of his snout.

After his previous owners were unable to afford his medical treatment, Newt was relinquished to the New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas. However, fate had other plans for this lovable pup. Liesl Wildhart, the founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, rescued Newt and gave him a new home. She even changed his name from Brute to Newt. Now, Newt resides with Liesl in Eugene, Oregon.

Liesl’s encounter with Newt was all thanks to social media. She stumbled upon Newt’s adorable photos and videos on Instagram, and it was love at first sight. Without hesitation, the entrepreneur decided to adopt Newt as her personal dog. Interestingly, Newt also has two other furry brothers named Picasso and Wacku, who used to live with Liesl too. Apart from documenting his adventures with others, you can follow Newt on his own Instagram account.

Initially, it was a challenge for him to adjust to the modifications, but now he relishes a satisfying and cheerful life with his guardian and other canine companions. After undergoing surgery on his face, he acquired an appearance resembling that of an amphibian, which has earned him the nickname “grumpy old guy” on social media, but with great fondness. Although he requires assistance with certain activities such as eating, his owner is always available to assist him. According to Liesl, “I must assist him in consuming everything he eats since he has difficulty putting food in his mouth, and overfeeding him can result in vomiting.”

Both Newt and his siblings have facial deformities. For instance, Wacku lost his snout, while Picasso’s face is distorted. According to Liesl, Newt was a perfect addition to her family of dogs. Everyone adored him as he was lively, goofy, intelligent, and respectful to other canines. Liesl also shared that she loves pups like Newt because they have a zest for life and do not dwell on their limitations. In a recent post on Instagram, the Wonky dogs were seen visiting Starbucks, where Newt had his first Puppuccino and loved it. Thankfully, both Picasso and Newt can tolerate whipped cream without any issues.

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