“From Victims to Survivors: The Inspiring Story of Two Dogs Rescued from Brutal Baiting and Given a Second Chance at Life”

Tara Whitaker, a resident of Philadelphia, was surprised to find two bait dogs in a pitiful state on her porch last week. The poor animals were clearly abused and injured due to dogfighting and were malnourished, bleeding, and had broken bones. Ms. Whitaker spent three hours providing relief to the canines before handing them over to animal control. The dogs were then sent to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC where they could receive medical attention and love, which they may have never experienced before.

After the rescue group took in the two dogs, Tara reached out to thank them for their kindness. She shared how both Sweet Pea and Dizzy were extremely hungry and thirsty. Sweet Pea ate a lot more than Dizzy, who was in significant pain. It seemed that Dizzy had spent his entire life confined to a cage, with his legs being crooked and bent. He swayed back and forth, trembling with fear and discomfort. When he was taken off the leash by animal control, he couldn’t help but relieve himself.

Tara attempted to locate a savior or a person who could take responsibility for the canines before the animal authorities arrived. Despite her efforts, when nobody turned up, she made a promise to them that she would find a reputable shelter to keep them safe. She expressed gratitude towards Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for their intervention and rescue operation that saved the animals from being put down while awaiting a permanent home.

The Facebook page of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC featured a post concerning the heartbreaking condition of two dogs named Dizzy and Sweet Pea. The organization expressed their disgust and sorrow towards the beaten state of the animals. Dizzy was covered in bite marks, while Sweet Pea had a swollen face. It was no surprise that Dizzy was scared of humans, given the abuse and betrayal they had endured in dogfighting incidents.

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