Introducing Bustopher Jones: A Maine Coon Cat Born to Make an Impression


I love all cats, but there is something to be saidaout the regal nature of the Maine Coon cat. Those supersized whiskers and majestic floof are quick to make us cat lovers ohh and ahh. For one strapping and supremely photogenic Australian-based Maine Coon cat named Bustopher Jones, he knows just how handsome he is—and he isn’t afraid to show it! His cat mom is a friend of mine, and I asked if she’d be so kind as to allow me to share her big beautiful kitty with all of the CattitudeDaily readers. Thankfully, she agreed.

So, everyone meet Bustopher Jones: A Maine Coon cat who will steal your heart!

Gặp gỡ Bustopher Jones: Một chú mèo Maine Coon được sinh ra để gây ấn tượng

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