Introducing Peanut – The Adorable One-Eyed Furry Friend Who Will Steal Your Heart!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the beginning of 2016 where a couple had an unexpected visitor – a stray cat who showed up on their doorstep. It was as if fate brought them together, and they formed an instant connection. The couple, Alex and their partner, couldn’t bear to part with this furry creature. Thus, they decided to take her in, and she became a permanent member of the family. They named her Plop, and a few weeks later, they realized that she was carrying kittens.

One day, Mama Plop gave birth to four adorable kittens, each with its unique traits. But the smallest one stood out among the rest due to her tiny size. Alex and their partner affectionately nicknamed her Peanut or P for short. This marked the beginning of a beautiful love story between this couple and their feline companions.

Alex knew that P was unique from the start, as she couldn’t feed from her mother like the rest of her siblings. So, Alex bottle-fed P until she was able to eat wet food. P was noticeably smaller than her siblings, and it took a while for the vet to determine her weight as she hardly weighed enough. She was so tiny at birth that her weight didn’t even register on the scale.

Peanut, the courageous little pup, came into this world with a single eye and a partially missing nose. Despite her physical limitations, she refused to let them stand in her way. It wasn’t until one miraculous day that Peanut’s good eye cleared up and revealed the wonders of the world around her. As she continued to grow, her snaggletooth only added to the charm of her already affectionate nature.
Alex, Peanut’s caretaker, confirmed that the only defects Peanut had were on one side of her body, with her eye and nose being affected. Nevertheless, she remained perfectly healthy and lively.

P is set to reach her third birthday in April 2019, but despite her age, she will always maintain her adorable kitten-like appearance, weighing only 4 pounds. As if that wasn’t enough, P has gained a massive following of over 75K fans on Instagram. You can check out her page @peanytodd and follow her journey. While we were curious about the origin of her name, Alex explained that it stemmed from Sweeney Todd, but there was no real reason for it. Originally named Peanut, she quickly amassed several nicknames such as Sweet Pea, Peany, and eventually Peany Todd after they saw something related to Sweeney Todd and decided to call her that.

Who are P’s roommates? Well, P is currently living with me and my beloved boyfriend Collin, whom she considers her dad. Aside from us, there’s Plop, her biological mother cat (pictured on the left), Phoebe, our latest rescue who is now a year old (pictured on the right), and Stephanie, our oldest cat who belonged to Collin before we started living together. Sadly, we don’t have a lot of photos of Stephanie since she’s not very sociable, so most folks aren’t aware that we actually have four cats in our household.

A: What inspired her to create her incredible IG account?
The idea of starting an Instagram account for her furry friend had never crossed her mind until a fellow cat lover at the veterinary specialist’s office inquired about it. Intrigued, she delved into the world of Instagram’s cat community and was thrilled by what she found. The overwhelming response from followers and fans has been beyond her wildest dreams, and she’s grateful for the online friendships that have blossomed as a result. Smush was the first feline influencer that caught her eye, and she remains a devoted fan to this day. <3

A: Can you describe her character?
Well, her purrsonality is absolutely delightful! She seems to possess an uncanny sense of human emotions that makes her stand out from our other feline companions. P is highly affectionate towards me and has a strong attachment to me. You can always find her quietly following me around the house, seeking attention whenever she can. Every day I remind her how much of a blessing she is to us, and I believe she feels the same way about us too. Unlike our other cats, she gets easily agitated when we leave without her. P always greets us at the door whenever we come home, and sometimes she’s the only one who does so. I have a special bond with her that I don’t think can ever be replicated. P is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world!

A: Where does she usually sleep?
Usually, my furry friend sleeps with me in bed these days! It’s a new behavior for her, and I find it rather cute. She tends to curl up between my legs, and when my alarm goes off, she becomes ecstatic, purring loudly and rubbing up against me.

Q: What is the funniest thing your pet has ever done?
One of the funniest things my pet has done is her newfound love for bathroom sink water. It’s hilarious how clever she is about it! She’ll let out a rare meow near the bathroom door, causing me to follow her every time. Then, she sprints faster than ever before to the sink, sometimes even drifting around corners to get there. It’s quite a funny sight!

A: What’s the most mischievous thing your cat has done?
The most mischievous thing my furry friend has ever done is probably jumping from our loft’s top floor railing, which was a pretty long way down. Despite the risk, she managed to land safely without getting hurt. It was quite an unexpected and thrilling experience!

Q: Do you spoil your cat? How do you show it?
Oh yes, we definitely spoil our cat! She’s the apple of our eye and we can’t resist showering her with toys and treats. Whenever we’re in the same room as her, she gets our undivided attention. Even if we’re paying attention to another cat, we make sure to give her equal attention so she never feels left out.

A: Does Miss P willingly participate in most photo shoots?
Miss P is a natural model who loves to have her photos taken. However, being a cat, she has her moods and might not be in the mood sometimes.

Q: If Miss P were a celebrity, who do you think she would be?
We often joke that if Miss P were a celeb, she would be Pawriana Grande, as she shares Ariana Grande’s sassy personality. I am a huge fan of Ariana and think that Miss P is just as fabulous as her.

A: We are incredibly grateful for Peanut’s followers and friends on Instagram! Their kindness never fails to brighten our day. Make sure to follow @peanytodd to keep up with all of Peanut’s adventures and her amazing family.

We would like to express our gratitude to Alex for generously sharing her amazing tale with us!

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