Meet Pisco, the adorable cat that resembles the iconic Puss in Boots

puss in boots doppleganger @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK

Introducing Pisco, the lovable golden British shorthair sporting ginger-tinged fur and large, expressive eyes reminiscent of Shrek 2’s iconic Puss in Boots. With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Pisco has become an internet sensation thanks to his irresistible “please give me treats” look. Despite his charm, his owner doesn’t indulge him in treats excessively. Instead, Pisco receives plenty of cuddles as he enjoys snuggling up, which is a deviation from the typical aloof cat stereotype. It’s impossible not to adore this delightful feline influencer.

Pisco the golden british shorthair

Pisco, a well-known feline figure on Instagram, boasts over 600,000 followers. However, his owner shared in an Instagram Q&A that Pisco wasn’t always the affectionate cat he is today. Initially, Pisco was quite nervous and disliked being touched or held. Despite this, his owners made sure to show him love every day without imposing themselves on him. Gradually, Pisco’s confidence grew, and he became more inquisitive, eventually transforming into the charming and cuddly teddy bear we all love. Pisco now resides in New York, where he enjoys a life of luxury, complete with toys and adoration. Luckily for us, Pisco is a natural when it comes to posing for pictures, allowing everyone to bask in his beauty.

Pisco, the Golden British Shorthair

Pisco, a feline friend, calls the bustling city of New York his home and enjoys the company of his human family. Their adventures together are captured through images posted on @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK.

pisco the golden shorthair

Oh my, have you seen that incredibly fluffy feline? (Photo credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat

The fluffy cat was adopted when he was only four months old and now lives in luxury with all the toys and treats he could ever want. (Image credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat doing his puss in boots expression

It appears that he takes pleasure in getting cozy and cuddling up (Photo: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat

The individual in this photo is undoubtedly adept at striking a pose for the camera. They have a natural ability to showcase their best angles and make the most of the moment. (Photograph courtesy of @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat yawning

Don’t forget to give him a follow! He’s definitely worth keeping up with. (Photo credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

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