“Olive: The Enchanting Feline with Heterochromatic Eyes and a Dual-Toned Coat”

Meet Odd-Eyed Olive, a mesmerizing feline with a one-of-a-kind genetic mutation. Olive is an Oriental shorthair with a gorgeous white coat, but it’s her eyes that truly steal the show. While it’s not uncommon for white cats to have unique eye colors, Olive’s are especially captivating. Her delicate face features eyes that resemble precious sapphires and amber stones, with a bold blue hue on the inner half and warm amber on the outer half. It’s impossible to look away from this stunning creature.

Olive’s eyes are truly one of a kind. She has Sectoral Heterochromia, a genetic condition that causes her iris to have two distinct colors. Specifically, one eye boasts blue and golden brown hues. Don’t worry though, this condition has no negative impact on her health. In fact, it only adds to the breathtaking beauty of her eyes.

Have you ever questioned the common belief that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf? Well, the truth is that this is simply a myth. Interestingly, pure white cats make up less than 5% of the overall feline population, and only about 2% of them have blue eyes. Although it’s accurate that certain white cats may suffer from hearing loss, it’s not the case for every white cat out there. A study conducted by the Cornell Feline Health Center revealed that only 17 to 22 percent of white cats with non-blue eyes are born deaf. In contrast, the percentage of deafness rises to 40% if one of the cat’s eyes is blue, and up to 65 to 85 percent if both eyes are blue. However, you need not worry since my cat Olive can hear perfectly fine!

Olive, the adorable kitty with her large ears, is likely equipped with the ability to hear all that goes on in her household. With three other feline siblings, it’s probable that Olive witnesses plenty of mischief and shenanigans throughout the day. Interestingly, when Olive’s owner, Kim, decided to adopt another cat, she had an original idea in mind. Kim was looking for a lively kitten that could easily integrate into her already furry family of four.

As soon as Kim caught a glimpse of Olive, she had a feeling that the kitten would be an ideal addition to her household. However, it wasn’t the feline’s distinct eyes that drew her in. During the pickup, it was rather dim, and it wasn’t until the lady brought Olive into the light that she disclosed the potential peculiarity of the kitten’s eyes. To everyone’s astonishment, Olive’s eyes were undeniably unique in appearance!

Become a part of Olive’s Instagram community, that has been thriving since 2017. By following her page, you’ll always get to see the mesmerizing photos of Oddity Olive. Join now and never miss out on any of her stunning pictures!

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