Potato: The Earless Cat that Stole the Hearts of Social Media through its Rescue Tale

Pictures of potato the adorable earless cat

Introducing Potato, a lovable kitty who was rescued after being a stray in China. After being taken in by Carl Leong and his wife, Potato had to undergo ear surgery due to recurring tumors. Alongside his ginger cat pal, Horlick, Potato had initially been up for adoption with his ears still intact. However, the animal shelter noticed that Potato had ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and flaps, causing the couple to become his foster parents. Unfortunately, Potato’s previous owner had passed away in 2016, leaving him and other street cats to fend for themselves. Despite his rough start, Potato now enjoys a cozy and comfortable life with his loving foster family.

Potato the adorable earless cat

Do you notice any disparities between these images? The feline in the photograph has a medical condition known as ceruminous adenoma, which refers to a growth of tumors within the ear. This illness could result in discomfort, hearing loss, and ringing in the ears if disregarded. Fortunately, the cat was able to retain its hearing following a three-hour surgery that eliminated its ears. However, in November 2019, the tumor returned more severe than ever. After conferring with the veterinarian, it was deemed necessary to remove the ear canals and flaps to prevent additional distress. Although the tumor was benign, the choice was made because the cat was experiencing pain and frequently scratching its ears, causing external wounds and bleeding. Furthermore, there was inflammation present in the ear canals. The surgery was successful, and the feline, who goes by the name Potato, recuperated nicely. Following the operation, he was officially adopted.

Potato the adorable earless cat

This piece of writing is centered around Potato, a feline who needed an operation following an ear infection. Luckily, he recovered quickly from his stitches in just a fortnight and now resides contentedly in his permanent dwelling. Moreover, Potato and his sibling have transformed into Instagram influencers through their profile, @no_ear_meow_potato, which has garnered an impressive 17,500 followers as a result of their adorable snaps. Although Potato’s hearing is somewhat less acute than it was previously, he remains responsive and unaffected by any noticeable after-effects. Despite initially giving the impression of being tough when he roamed as a stray, he is actually a charming cat that relishes playing and engaging with others.

Potato the adorable earless cat

At first, he was shy, but over time, he became more outgoing and captivating. Mediadrumsimages/CarlLeong/@no_ea reports that he has a distinct charm that exudes positivity on Instagram. Essentially, social media should be a source of happiness and joy. With his partner, they urge others to adopt pets instead of buying them, especially since his breed is the most common type of stray cat in Hong Kong.

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