“Solo and Sobbing: A Helpless Puppy Abandoned on a Dark Hilltop”

The tiny pooch was found all alone, weak and shedding tears after being left stranded on a hill in the darkness by someone heartless.

A tiny puppy, only 20 days old, was discovered abandoned on a mountainside near Chanis, Panama, in a very weak and frail condition. With a swarm of flies, lice, fleas, and multiple sores covering her body, the poor pup’s health was alarming. She barely moves, has difficulty breathing, and constantly keeps her eyes shut. Fortunately, she received immediate attention from the Veterinary Paws & Footprints of Chanis and was monitored every two hours throughout the day. The little one, weighing only 0.66 kg (1.45 lbs), requires an injection of several drugs every few hours to improve her condition.

Her inability to consume food resulted in a decrease in her blood sugar levels, which led to the need for another blood transfusion. This is an excruciating process, especially for a young child. It’s heartbreaking to listen to her crying in agony during the wee hours of the night.

The vet recommended that she undergo the procedure several times as her anemia failed to improve even with proper nourishment. Despite receiving blood transfusions, her hematocrit level did not increase, implying that her body was not regenerating on its own.

The next day saw a significant improvement in the health of the baby, thanks to the blood transfusion. The hemoglobin level increased from 3.0 to 4.5, while platelets increased from 28 to 84. Additionally, the hematocrit also showed an increase from 12 to 16. These positive changes enabled baby Amor to be discharged from the hospital.

Baby Amor has been under their care for two days now, and there’s good news. She has started to calm down and stopped crying at night. However, she still needs to stay in the hospital every morning for observation and monitoring.

During the afternoon, the volunteers engage in playtime with Amor, which can help boost her emotional well-being and give her a sense of being cared for. About a week after her arrival, Amor started consuming a small amount of Proplan canned puppy food. Her appetite has since improved, and she is provided with water and malt extract, a supplement that is rich in iron, every two hours.

Despite her physical limitations, her inner strength prevails. As her injuries begin to mend, the sensation of itchiness from the bandage serves as a reminder of her resilience. This petite individual refuses to surrender and has conquered every hurdle in her path, persisting and beseeching life for a second chance.

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