“The Enormous Feline: A Gentle Giant Who Stands Tall Next to My 4-Year-Old”

Meet Kefir, the feline that loves to climb “meowntains”! Hailing from Stary Oskol, Russia, his owner Yuliya Minina is convinced that he is the largest cat in the world. She shares Kefir’s unforgettable size through pictures and videos on both Instagram and TikTok. One video on her Instagram account has over 2,000 likes, where Kefir opens a door handle and lounges in the grass like a massive cat-erpillar. He then takes up half of a reclining chair and climbs a tree, leaving cat lovers in awe of this incredible content.

Cat stands on his hind legs next to 4-year-old girl.

This particular kitty is quite tall, almost as tall as a four-year-old girl.

Yuliya Minina poses with her cat Kefir as he sits in the window.

Introducing Kefir, the stunning Maine Coon cat!

Kefir wears sunglasses and a black shirt as he sits behind the wheel of a car.

Kefir, the adorable cat, appears to have ambitious plans of becoming the biggest feline in the world! A recent post on Instagram by @yuliyamnn showed Kefir looking stunning and majestic.





A person who was full of admiration exclaimed, “Amazing!” while another complimented Kefir’s intelligence. About a year ago, Minina posted a video on Instagram where Kefir is shown to be as tall as her 4-year-old child while they both prepared food in the kitchen.

Meet Kefir, the majestic feline who’s been named after the famous fermented milk drink due to his striking resemblance with its creamy white hue. While we aren’t sure about Kefir’s current stature, he made headlines back in 2022 when he was only two years old and already tipped the scales at a whopping 28 pounds – that’s more than the average weight of both a Maine Coon or a toddler! Typically, male Maine Coons weigh around 18 pounds, while females usually clock in at about 12 pounds. These magnificent cats also tend to measure up to three feet long from nose to tail.

In 2022, Minina expressed her surprise at how Kefir, an ordinary kitten, had grown into a massive cat. She also noted that Maine Coons have the potential to keep growing for up to 3-4 years, indicating that Kefir may not have reached his final size yet and could continue to get even larger.

Kefir takes a mirror selfie.

Kefir exhibits human-like characteristics.

Kefir sits in a chair and wears big headphones.

The individual who owns Kefir is very enthusiastic about capturing the cute moments of their beloved pet and sharing them on their social media page. They love to upload pictures of their fluffy companion for their followers’ viewing pleasure.

Kefir stands on his hind legs against a cabinet with cat food on top.

Minina’s cat, Kefir, has a remarkable talent for standing on his hind legs and reaching objects with ease. Despite his imposing appearance, Kefir is a loving and gentle pet who is often mistaken for a dog due to his playful behavior. He has grown into a large and intelligent cat, but his size can sometimes make it difficult for Minina to take cat naps with him because he likes to climb on her and sleep at night. Although this was not a problem when he was a kitten, it has become challenging for her to sleep in that position now that he is big and heavy. Feel free to share your thoughts on Kefir in the comments section below.

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