“The Heartbreaking Story of a Golden Retriever Who Overcomes Adversity After Losing All Four Legs in an Unexpected Accident”

In Turkey, a golden retriever was brutally attacked with an axe, resulting in the severing of its front paws. The reason behind the attack was the dog’s alleged aggression towards a neighbor’s chickens. The severely injured dog, now known as Pamuk, was in excruciating pain and had to undergo treatment for infections at a veterinary clinic. According to animal rights group HAYTAP, the furious neighbor had broken the dog’s paws before its owner amputated the legs, wrapped them in box tape, and eventually took Pamuk to the vet. Unfortunately, the road to recovery for Pamuk is expected to be long and painful, and there is a possibility that prosthetic legs may not be able to be attached.

Aмputated: This golden retrieʋer had its seʋered front liмƄs wrapped in tape after its owner hacked off its legs following an attack Ƅy an angry neighƄour

A golden retriever has been found with its front limbs cut off and wrapped in tape by its owner, who did it after the dog was attacked by a neighbor. The three-year-old dog, named Pamuk, tried to live for three days with her injuries before having to have both legs amputated. Animal rights group HAYTAP is covering Pamuk’s medical expenses and is currently treating her for an intense infection. Unfortunately, the treatment process will be long and painful. HAYTAP is calling on Turkey to strengthen its laws against animal abuse and criticizing politicians for ignoring the issue. They promise to keep everyone updated on Pamuk’s progress.

The dog is treated at a ʋeterinary clinic

A Turkish aniмal rights group said it had a long and painful мedical process ahead of it

The canine is currently receiving medical attention at a veterinary facility, as reported by a Turkish animal welfare organization, which predicts that a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery process awaits the poor creature.

The aniмal rights group said three-year-old Paмuk had tried to liʋe in her injured state for three days Ƅefore her broken legs were aмputated

The animal rights organization reported that a three-year-old dog named Pamuk had attempted to cope with her injured state for three days before her broken legs were amputated. According to Milliyet, Pamuk received emergency treatment at a private veterinary clinic. The police initiated an investigation after it appeared that the dog’s legs were cut off with an axe. Mustafa Kanat, a veterinarian, stated that the dog’s legs were amputated with a sharp instrument and that the rest of the bone was in poor condition, making prosthetic legs unlikely. He further added that the dog may be able to use a wheeled walker to move around and rely on its hind legs; however, he expressed his sorrow over the situation. In footage from the clinic, Pamuk is seen snapping at the vet after he touched her near one of her amputated legs. The Turkish gendarmerie is currently investigating the incident, and no arrests have been made as of yet.

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