The Heartwarming Tale of a Man Who Saves an Elderly Dog from the Highway, Only to Face Resistance from His Spouse on Keeping It as a Pet

Man Rescues Old Dog From Freeway, But His Wife Tells Him They Can’t Keep It

A pup named Fae had a rough go of it, until fate intervened. She found herself stranded in the middle of a bustling freeway, but was thankfully spotted by a kind-hearted man who swooped in to save her. Sadly, his wife put a damper on the happy ending by insisting they couldn’t keep her. But as it turns out, Fae’s luck would soon change for the better.

This little Chihuahua, who is 10 years old, should not have to endure the hardships she has faced. It is unclear how long she has been wandering on that street all alone, but it’s evident that she has been deserted by her owners. Luckily, a kind-hearted person spotted her and decided to take action. He took her in his car and brought her home.

The gentleman was torn about letting go of Fae, but his spouse was adamant that they could not keep the dog. This led him to leave the loyal old pup at Baldwin Park Animal Services, which he found distressing as the dog had been through so much. Despite his emotional dilemma, he had no other option but to surrender Fae.

On a different note, a man has recently made a big decision to welcome a furry friend into his life for his milestone 50th birthday. After laying eyes on Fae, he felt an instant connection and just knew she was the perfect fit for him. The final snapshot captured says it all – Fae is beyond thrilled to have finally found her forever home and is grateful for this second chance at a happy life.

A lot of individuals are apprehensive about taking in an elderly dog that is approaching the end of its life, but one man was different. He decided to cherish every moment with Fae and give her the life she had always deserved.

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