The Surprisingly Serene and Affectionate Hybrid of Panther and Bat: Meet the Uncommon Feline Vampire

The unique and unusual cat known as the Siamese cat has a very affectionate and gentle personality despite their striking appearance. They are not aggressive and love to be close to their owners, making them great cuddle buddies. In fact, they even enjoy playing fetch with their human companions!

The breed's unique look gets them lots of attention with many people saying that they look more like bats

The Oriental Shorthair feline has a distinct appearance that draws many people in, often being described as a mix between a bat and a panther. However, these cats are not just unique in looks but also in their calm and loving personalities. Tuomas Ikonen, an artist from Lemi, Finland, is the proud owner of three Oriental Shorthairs named Hannu, Toivo, and Hugo. Despite their seemingly vampire-like appearance, they are actually very gentle and affectionate pets. Toivo, with his bat and panther features, is the most mesmerizing of the trio, but he is harmless and loves being carried around by their daughter. In contrast, Hugo is a more peaceful cat, preferring to curl up by the fireplace or indulge in some tasty food.

Toivo is sweet natured and playful, says his owner

As per Tuomas, his cat Toivo is an amiable feline that loves to play and cuddle. Despite not being as active as before, Toivo still occasionally joins in the fun with other young cats. His primary leisure activity includes watching birds and squirrels outside the window and playing with his favorite mouse toy, which he sometimes drops in water cups or glasses to have some more fun. Interestingly, Toivo also likes watching bird videos on YouTube. In contrast, Hannu, Tuomas’s other cat, has a mischievous side and enjoys playing fetch with toys. He often sneaks away with his daughter’s plush toys when she’s not around. Hannu is also a big foodie and loves his meals.

The breed is becoming more and more popular

The Meowrientals Instagram page is home to three Oriental Shorthair tabby cats who are the stars of candid photos capturing their everyday life. With a fan base of almost 20,000 followers, these feline companions are not only fierce in appearance but also highly social, intelligent, and vocal. They love playing around and are often seen enjoying a game of fetch. Originally from Thailand, these cats have close ties to Siamese cats and were developed in the US by New York breeders who were drawn to the lynx pattern on Siamese cats. Tuomas, the owner of the Meowrientals account, narrates that his furry friends take part in everything he does and are always following him and his family around. Additionally, they enjoy watching the cooking process and sleeping on their owner’s bed.

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