The Unwavering Spirit of Blind Cats: Finding Joy Despite Disability.

In San Francisco, California, there’s a rescue center called Saving Grace Rescue that has given a new lease of life to two lovely cats named Grace and Max. What makes them unique is their visual impairment, but that hasn’t stopped them from leading a normal life. They have found a loving family that takes care of them despite their disability. Josh Norem, the proud owner of The Furrtographer, is a photographer who loves helping blind cats like Grace and Max find a place they can call home.

The photographer, who is a proud adoptive father of several blind cats, has been actively involved in supporting the Saving Grace Rescue organization. He takes great pride in contributing to the rescue center’s efforts and strives to assist in finding loving homes for the feline residents.

According to Josh, it’s not common to come across any of the cats once they have been adopted. However, he was thrilled when a couple who had taken in two of these felines contacted him.

The photographer was pleasantly surprised when he received a request for a photoshoot from a couple who had adopted two blind cats from Saving Grace. The couple had been following the cats on Instagram and were excited to have them together in their new home.

Meet Max, a charming Russian blue feline with an affectionate and amiable personality. Unfortunately, Max had a rough start in life as his eyes were damaged at birth. Nevertheless, thanks to the benevolent efforts of Saving Grace rescue team, this stunning cat underwent a successful eye surgery and now enjoys a happy and healthy life in his loving home.

Max’s younger sibling, Grace, is a timid feline. Her folks knew she would fit well into their family from the first time they laid eyes on her. As she matured, Grace became an amazing and indulged kitty who also happens to be her brother’s closest companion.

Janell and Justin have taken up the role of being parents to the kittens. According to Josh, this couple is exceptional as they have shown dedication in providing care for their two cats. He further adds that they are not just gentle and compassionate but also real-life heroes for rescuing the adorable kittens. Josh expresses gratitude to them for giving these felines a safe haven to call home and for permitting him the privilege of capturing their moments through photography.

These stunning felines reside harmoniously with their affectionate owners, frolicking, engaging in playful mischief, and relishing each passing moment. Their unwavering determination is admirable as they refuse to allow any obstacle to hinder their enjoyment.

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