“Unleashing Kindness: A Woman’s Touching Encounter with a Lost Dog and Its Unexpected Twist of Fate”

Last Friday, Audra Petraškienė had an unsettling experience while travelling through a small Lithuanian town.

Audra noticed a shivering dog that was drenched and carrying a large metal object on its collar.

Upon saving the defenseless puppy, she took it to her residence and utilized Facebook to inform others about the distressing occurrence of the pup almost drowning.

The content quickly went viral as people were outraged by the heartless treatment of the helpless dog.

Thankfully, the tiny pup appears to be doing well.

Audra took a proactive approach and decided to inform the authorities about the incident.

In no time, the rightful owner of the dog was found. However, it remains a mystery as to who caused harm to the dog and if the owner could have done something to avoid it.

Audra has decided to entrust her beloved pet to an animal shelter for the time being, until the issue is resolved.

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