When a Military Dog Saved His Life, a Soldier Decided to Adopt Him Despite the Pup’s Severe Injuries.

To Julian, Layka was nothing short of a hero. He was determined to repay her for saving his life by doing everything in his power to save hers.

When Staff Sergeant Julian McDonald made the decision to send Layka, a military-trained dog, into an Afghan building to ensure it was safe before he and his team entered, he had no idea how much of an impact it would have on his life moving forward.

During their time in Afghanistan, McDonald had the responsibility of caring for Layka, a military dog that belonged to the Belgian Malinois breed.

In 2013, the sergeant made the decision to send a dog to investigate the building before he and his team followed behind. The group had reason to suspect that the building was not secure, particularly after hearing gunshots ring out.

Layka, a brave military dog, was shot four times by armed intruders who were inside the building. They then targeted the soldiers outside. Despite sustaining injuries, Layka managed to overpower one of her attackers and saved the lives of the soldiers.

The dog’s life was saved by skilled veterinarians after a lengthy seven-hour surgery, however, the operation resulted in the loss of one of her legs. Despite this setback, the most important thing is that she survived.

After receiving physiotherapy, the dog regained her ability to walk and move with ease. Despite the necessary treatment, she was eager to get back to her playful and energetic self.

However, Layka encountered yet another mishap that put her only remaining front leg at risk. Rebecca Switzer, a resident of Oklahoma who crossed paths with Layka and her caregiver on a separate occasion, shared her perspective on the matter.

She shared that it was a major injury considering that she only has a single leg. It was already challenging enough for her to move around on one leg, and now the other leg may also be at risk.

When the Switzers first encountered Layka and came back with more assistance when she required it, they didn’t just notice her physical limitations. They also took into account the trauma she had suffered during her deployment. Lots of the soldiers whose lives she saved contributed to a fund that was set up to help her recover from her injury. The good news is that her handler worked hard to find her a permanent home.

Although Layka’s family was worried that her past military training would make her a violent pet, McDonald insisted on adopting her. Surprisingly, Layka transformed into an excellent companion after being properly welcomed into McDonald’s home. When McDonald arrived home with Layka, she immediately lay down and allowed his one-year-old child to play on her back, which was an unforeseen sight.

Sergeant McDonald expressed his gratitude towards the dog who saved his life and intends to give her a peaceful and happy retirement. He feels indebted to the dog and promises to cherish every moment spent with his family. As per National Geographic, McDonald stated that he owes everything to his furry companion. The video attached below showcases how well Layka has adjusted to her handler’s family. You can share this heartening story with your loved ones without any hesitation.

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