“Double the Cuteness: Meet the Four-Eared Feline Taking the Internet by Storm”

Midas, a feline of the Russian Blue breed, has taken the internet by storm thanks to her owner Canis from Turkey, who set up an Instagram account for her. The reason for Midas’ popularity is the fact that she has an additional pair of ears due to a genetic mutation. She has amassed almost 20,000 followers on Instagram, and enjoys playing with her two Labrador siblings, Zeyno (14) and Suzy (12). Besides her extraordinary appearance, Midas enjoys the same things as any other kitten- snuggling and playing.

Midas is an adorable four-month-old kitten who has a distinct genetic mutation that sets her apart from other felines. What makes her unique is the fact that she has an extra set of ears on top of her normal ones, which adds to her cuteness factor. Unfortunately, only one pair of her ears can function properly. (Image: midas_x24/Instagram)

Within a mere 21 days, the charming kitty has won over the affections of numerous individuals on various social media platforms, accumulating an impressive fan base of nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Midas, a Turkish local, loves to cuddle with his two Labrador sisters named Zeyno and Suzy. According to his owner, Midas is a friendly and playful dog who spends his days dozing and nights fully awake. The cute threesome frequently shares their bonding moments on Midas’s Instagram account (@midas_x24).

The Russian Blue feline is an all-around happy cat, who loves to play with her toys and snuggle up in her cozy bed for some peaceful rest. She’s settled quite well into her new surroundings and has discovered a preferred place to lounge on her owner, Canis’s shoulder or chest, which she adores. (Image: midas_x24/Instagram)

Among the group of seven owners, Canis and her partner who live in Turkey made the decision to adopt Midas, an adorable furry companion with a one-of-a-kind heart-shaped marking on their belly. (Photo credit: midas_x24/Instagram)

Midas and her other six siblings were born in a friend of Canis’ garden, where their mother, a stray cat, gave birth to them. However, Canis made the compassionate decision to take Midas home with him and adopt her.

According to a veterinarian, Canis the kitten has excellent hearing capabilities, despite having some distinctive physical characteristics. Though these features might make Canis appear unusual, they have zero impact on its auditory abilities.

According to a vet, Canis the cat has exceptional hearing abilities despite having some uncommon physical traits that make her look one-of-a-kind and cute.

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