A Decade of Suffering: The Heartbreaking Tale of an Abandoned Dog with a Massive Tumor.

On one fateful day, he was found lying by the roadside, immobile, and sporting a huge lump protruding from his belly. It was evident that he was in dire need of assistance, and there was no way anyone could have abandoned him in such a state.

A group of volunteers called “Helen Summerfield-Brown” is dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned animals. Recently, they found a dog who was in a terrible condition. They quickly took him to the hospital for medical attention. Sadly, the dog’s condition was so severe that he had stopped eating, which indicated that a tumor was slowly killing him.

As soon as Midnight reached the vet, the doctors ran a few tests like blood work, X-rays, and an ultrasound. Sadly, the results were not good as he was diagnosed with hookworms, anemia, and malnutrition.

In addition, the low count of blood platelets has hindered the possibility of removing the tumor through surgical means as it would have been fatal for the patient. The urgency arises from the fact that the tumor is growing at an alarming rate. The medical professionals have conducted several blood tests to ascertain the optimal time for surgery. Midnight, the patient in question, is a beloved individual who is cherished by all.

The operation on Midnight went well and the large tumor, which turned out to be a testicular tumor, was successfully removed. The tumor was quite massive, tipping the scales at around 4.85 pounds.

The Vet expressed his joy that Midnight no longer had to bear the weight of a burden on his weak body. Despite the difficulty, Midnight managed to take a few steps after surgery, which made everyone proud. The Vet reassured that they loved Midnight and would do everything possible to support him.

Midnight is on the mend and will soon be available for adoption. A big thank you to all who have helped Midnight on his journey so far. Your generosity is much appreciated!

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