“Incredible Resilience: Braving a Massive Salivary Tumor for Six Years Without Veterinary Care, Dog Finally Finds Hope”

A friendly dog is now getting the medical attention he deserves after being neglected by his previous owners for six long years, leaving him with a massive growth on his face. Despite being well-loved by his family, Jake’s swelling went unchecked and untreated until he was rescued by the Long Way Home group.

As per the organization, Jake, a well-mannered and toilet-trained indoor dog, has been suffering from a salivary tumor for the past six years. The owners believed that the cause of this ailment was a snake bite. However, Jake gets along well with other dogs and even knows how to shake.

Cribs for Canines has been actively persuading Jake’s family to surrender him after he was found wandering in a secluded part of Texas. The organization aims to provide the necessary veterinary care that Jake needs. Currently, Jake is undergoing treatment in Waco and has experienced significant relief after draining a large amount of fluid, according to Cribs for Canines.

We want to express our appreciation to the amazing team at Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco for taking care of Jake. Dr. Lide and his fellow professionals have been working on treating him and have successfully removed 1200cc of salivary fluid from his neck. You can see the remarkable transformation in the last two pictures!

After a period of six years, Jake finally managed to turn his head – a simple yet significant milestone for him! His health seems to be improving as he is eating and excreting normally and seems to be in good spirits. This information was reported by the agency.

Despite the uncertainties, a team of dedicated individuals is putting in their best effort to help Jake make a complete recovery. Stay connected with his rescuers on Facebook through this link.

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