How a Community Came Together to Rescue a Pig After Suffering a Gruesome Injury at a Meat Farm

Numerous organizations have received multiple reports and grievances regarding the cruel practices in dog farms across China. These establishments are responsible for breeding and butchering dogs for their meat, prompting rescue efforts to save as many puppies as possible from the streets or from these farms.

Each year, despite the meticulous planning of rescue efforts, an alarming number of adorable animal companions still end up injured. Unfortunately, Angel, a hybrid canine breed of Belgian Shepherd, is among those affected.

A team of advocates rescued a dog from being taken to a slaughterhouse in Changchun along with several other animals. Despite suffering from severe injuries, the dog was a delight and seemed content to be in a safe place.

A couple of months after being rescued, the adorable pooch was welcomed into a new family by Hollie Cornes. Hollie is an expert in animal training, particularly in working with dogs who serve in the military. The pup was definitely in good hands and ready for a fresh start in life.

Upon seeing Angel, he was filled with sorrow as he observed the unjustified suffering inflicted upon an entirely blameless individual. The young lady began uploading pictures of her canine companion on various social media platforms, and swiftly gained a considerable following of admirers willing to provide aid and support.

Despite living what seemed to be a comfortable life, Angel was struggling to breathe. Prior to being adopted by Hollie, she had received medical treatment in Beijing, but unfortunately, she faced various challenges during the following months.

Hollie shared that the tools used to gather and handle puppies caused harm to her dog’s nose. Unfortunately, the situation with the dog’s nose was quite intricate and fixing it would be a costly affair. The initial step was for the dog to undergo a tomography scan which cost almost $3,000.

Hollie expressed her disbelief when a woman on Instagram promptly provided the money they needed. Meanwhile, Angel was experiencing difficulty breathing due to scar tissue blocking half of his nostril, as confirmed by medical tests.

According to Hollie, it wasn’t a matter of preference. She believed that Angel deserved a life that was more enjoyable and free of health issues. Due to her condition, the dog was only able to inhale through a tiny 2-millimeter opening, and she also had an ongoing wound that caused frequent bleeding, making it challenging for her to carry out everyday activities.

Hollie stated that due to the difficulty Angel had in breathing, they decided to opt for surgery. Thanks to the generosity of people who donated through GoFundMe, Angel was able to gather the necessary funds. Her tragic past touched many hearts and motivated them to contribute towards her better life and happy travels with her mother. We are thrilled to see the great transformation in Angel’s life and hope all puppies get a chance at a happy ending like this. Please share!

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