“Surviving Against All Odds: A Dog’s Escape From Being Poisoned and Buried Alive”

Poisoned & Buried Alive by Owner, Dog Tries to Escape and Screams for Help in Vain

In Russia, a German breed dog was injected with lethal poison and buried alive by its owner. Despite the dire situation, the brave animal managed to claw its way out of the grave and scream for help. Fortunately, caring individuals were able to rescue the dog and offer it a new home in a safe and secure environment. Its previous owner, who committed such a heinous act, has not been brought to justice yet. However, the dog is now happily adopted and looking forward to starting a new chapter in its life.

While cruising along a highway in Northern Russia, Olga Lysteseva (age 39) stumbled upon Kiryusha (age 7), a tired and sluggish dog slowly making its way down the rain-soaked road.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, the canine that was poisoned and buried alive by its owner managed to come back to life from the grave. To reach Kiryusha’s whereabouts, the woman had to take a detour as she was previously on the highway, which required her to walk for an additional 10 kilometers.

Lysteseva made sure to give the dog a hearty meal before taking it on a 160 km journey in her car to an animal rescue center in Ukhta. Pictures of Kiryusha were then posted online, prompting the center to ask for any leads on the dog’s previous owner. Thanks to their prompt investigation, the married couple who owned Kiryusha were located in no time.

The reason behind the harsh treatment of Kiryusha was inquired, to which the two individuals responded that the dog had an “evil” nature. As a result, they administered a medicine that would kill it and then buried it alive in a distant place. The pair later apologized for their wrongdoing, as reported by the center. Despite the horrific ordeal, Kiryusha showed no major signs of illness as confirmed by a veterinarian. Thanks to Olga Lysteseva’s kindness, Kiryusha has been given a new lease on life, according to Ekaterina Nimak, a relief center employee.

As per Nimak’s statement, Kiryusha is doing well and is in a safe and stable condition at the relief center. The dog is being walked on a leash, keeps a distance from other dogs, rarely has any encounters with them, and does not create any discomfort for others.
Nimak also expressed that it has been a remarkable experience for everyone involved.

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